Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Had a busy first session! Was such a blessing to work with the people and relieve some of their aches and pains! Now the house is cleaned and put back together for the next guests--whenever it is that they will arrive. So far they have nothing else lined up-- I might just be sitting here waiting for August to come. But no fears, they won't let me get bored. With lots of gardening, weeding, lawn mowing and other activities, I'll not have a chance to sit idle!! Corrie and family have all went to the Baltic Sea for a fun get away. They will camp by the sea and return tomorrow late night. I was asked to stay at the center. Not much going on, so have gotten some work in the garden done, mowing and final touches on the house completed!! Maybe will have some time for emails and walks or bike rides that I normally don't take time for!! And hope to walk into town and visit a friend at the library tomorrow!! Life is good! What a blessing to be able to travel all over, experience different cultures and get to know some of God's children from different parts of the world! I am truly blessed. May you all walk closely by His side today.

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